Thursday, May 7, 2009


Our Friends over at the Otto Mannix Report have opened up a significant discussion concerning the placement of the movie "Easy Rider" in the pantheon of Biker vs Road Movies. Here at the Standard we don't like to pick winners and losers in the cultural wars, however we could not sit idly by and not make some contributions from our personal archives. We do suggest that "Easy" spawned many spin off wanna be movies such as the "Cycle Savages". We note that several collateral actors such as Harry Dean Stanton and Bruce Dern were staple character actors in this genre. We leave it to our friend Mr. Ivanlandia, to set the record straight where movies such as "The Trip" and "Planet of the Apes" fit into the cultural landscape of late '60's alternative films.


  1. ANS:
    The Trip and Planet of the Apes, as well as Easy Rider, are essentially better than any bikers movies/ But what's funny is that I was thinking of including my script of "Biker Apes" in my biker post. Hmmmm....yes!

  2. Escape from the Planet of the Hippies, starring Keith Carradine and Stevie Nicks.

  3. CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE HIPPIES, starring William F. Buckley, Curtis LeMay and Barry Goldwater, with a special appearance by Charlton Heston, as "Taylor."

    Actually I've decided not to use my Biker Apes script in my Biker Movies post...but I'll use it eventually...after my Don Knotts post maybe...