Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photography is Dead--Finally

Face it photography is dead. Anybody can point a camera at something, old, cool, strange, bizarre, disgusting, or boring. Its too easy to make a photograph. Most of the photos (including my own) I see rely upon the subject to carry the message. I see many images that are OF things, but what are they ABOUT? You know what I am talking about: cemeteries, Tibetan peasants, squirrels, abandoned insane asylums, old cars, old signs, old motels, neon signs, or now the trendy industrial decay and banal.

I have wanted to quit taking photographs for awhile so here I am announcing my retirement from straight photography. I am now a Visual Artist who works with images, occasionally a printmaker, and kinetic imagist. This my first foray into the new world.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

no do-overs

it was a beat down Washington dc
hot summer twilight evening
was wandering alone in the hell hole
of trinadad new York avenue crack days 1986-1988

searching for the left over remnants of the 1960s
motel world dying days of an america
that will never return to it's glories...
lonely, lonely by myself and an analogue film camera

with expired out of date color shifted slide film
bad processing non digital can't change anything
stuck with the exposure you made
in that time and place one shot does it

no do-overs

Tuesday, February 1, 2011