Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photography is Dead--Finally

Face it photography is dead. Anybody can point a camera at something, old, cool, strange, bizarre, disgusting, or boring. Its too easy to make a photograph. Most of the photos (including my own) I see rely upon the subject to carry the message. I see many images that are OF things, but what are they ABOUT? You know what I am talking about: cemeteries, Tibetan peasants, squirrels, abandoned insane asylums, old cars, old signs, old motels, neon signs, or now the trendy industrial decay and banal.

I have wanted to quit taking photographs for awhile so here I am announcing my retirement from straight photography. I am now a Visual Artist who works with images, occasionally a printmaker, and kinetic imagist. This my first foray into the new world.

1 comment:

  1. A bold move. But you've amassed a great body of work, and for that, do not be discouraged. Be inspired from those works, in order to blaze a new trail. Challenge yourself and the results will be satisfying, and i'm sure, excellent.