Monday, April 20, 2009

Dundalk Facility

Our colleagues over at the Otto Mannix Report have provided a valuable public service to our world-wide customer base by exposing the activities of your hard working yet humble staff here at the Standard as we try to bring you the latest obsolete information regarding American Cultural History. We can not stress the amount of support that the Mannix operation have given to the Standard over the years. So as a way of expressing our thanks we have located deep within our corporate archives images of our Dundalk Maryland information fabrication plant and our loyal staffers Ed, Bob, and Jim who have been manufacturing flat plate information and stamped steel digital foil for over 50 years. We salute you.

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  1. An essential part of a complete breakfast. Stamped steel digital foil is always in demand here at the offices of OMR. However we've had to cut costs and that has included the dismissal of 77 employees from our Rockland County facility. When the current econoclysm subsides, we will be able to put those employees back on the payroll and resume our normal purchasing of your fine products. Thank you for your time. -O.M.