Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fred Walker Magnavox--Signage

Once upon a time in America quality mattered and a business clad their facade in neon signage. Sadly, beginning in the 1970's signs and typeface took a tumble in terms of quality and innovativeness. Brown colors and fat fonts dominated. Think of the Hardee's logo. Once neon breaks it is expensive to replace, and now it is rarely found. Here we present a former Arlington Virginia gem.


  1. i once thought to adopt the name Fred Walker as a pseudonym, as in Specimen Fred. i passed those signs many times on the Columbia Pike busline to the Pentagon. do you remember he had an even bigger sign situated close to this sign? ah, the days of wine and neon...

  2. I purcdhased a Home Entertainment Center from Fred Walker Magnavox in the seventies. Actually, their Grandma worked in the store also at the time and she sold it to me. I think it was about $1,500 and I always had great service from this store. I still have the entertainment center but can't find anyone reputable to service/repair it any longer.