Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parkington '51

In 1984 we made one of our first successful art products, the Super-8 movie "Parkington '51". It has been showcased many times in the local independent movie scene in Federarlington, District of Corruption. In 2008-9 it was re-issued and offered up to the internets.

We are stunned today to learn that our research team in our
Metropolitan Continuity Division has discovered a processing error affecting several of the films created by our Lee Hiway Productions Film Division.  As you can see here the motion picture, "Parkington '51" is by and large originally shot and processed in negative.

The evidence is in and we must admit that the integrity of our film efforts have been compromised and must be re-processed. It must be done for scenes such as this one rely upon negative imagery for emotional impact and statement.
In particular, the scene starring William Peters is greatly enhanced in its original negative polarity. It was this sequence in particular that caught the eye of Mr. Clyde Randall who had remembered the original theatrical release in 1984 and noticed that the re-issued version had lost its original polarity.

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