Thursday, August 20, 2009

239 Central Avenue, Yourtown USA

While our field unit is currently deployed in an advance recon mission in the heartland. We have retreated to this command post to wait out the sit reps.


  1. a fine establishment. in its heyday, we used to throw a real wing-ding in the back room. ah, the good old days of decrepitude. keep up the field research. these beauteous moments of ugliness seem to be important to us, the few.

  2. But is it as bunkeriffically delicious as the secret base where the infamous Barnstone-Lerner High Octane Jet Fuel experiments occured--where Tzar Ivan ruined a pair of his own shoes via stomach extractions and was left passed out in a corner?

  3. I would say its beautrifaction is indeed preserved. But perhaps not to the extent of that most glorious night. Keith Haring once rented that secret bunker, and traces were extant, you know, stains and such. You'll be happy to know that yours wasn't the only blowing of oats to take place in that downtown hide-away!