Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Headquarters

We are happy to report that our Mid-Atlantic Division exceeded all expectations last quarter. Pictured above is our division headquarters located in the Majestic Bowers Building in downtown Newark New Jersey. Our Division Director Mr. Clyde Randall is driving past our building in his brand new 1966 Chrysler Newport Imperial. Of course in the lower left and right of this picture are two from our fleet of black Cadillacs.


  1. YES, if you click on the pic and look really hard at the sign, it reads: BROAD & MARKET Tavern, In the hub of Newark, serving you the best. Classic shit.

    Searching through our micro-fiche database, we unearthed the Michel's Dept. Store photo, another classic from this same research shoot. Please post that one for our readers' edification, when you get time.

  2. What a gorgeous, weathered, poignant place. How could a lowly regional supervisor fail to be stricken with awe when delivering his bi-quarterly reports to such a stately edifice? This Division HQ is brimming with history, a legacy the ANS executive can truly take pride in.