Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comic books

Ok we need to talk comic books. A juvenile pastime that often turns to an obsession. Then typically they are left in storage at the parents house and left to rot until early midlife kicks in and we rediscover our youth. Then what do we do with them? They are made of cheap unsustainable materials which fade and disintegrate with time. But they have this great look and feel to them--and that old comic smell is indescribable. A favorite memory of Ed Porter is of going to the Key Bridge news stand and talking with Lobo about the latest comics.

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  1. I should think that the smoke has cleared from the vicious debate about Marvel vs. DC, much as it has with the Stones/Beatles debate. Now we need to sift through the ashes and find out what was good about both, rather than sniffing with our noses in the air.

    These are great covers from both companies. I may have to ride the ANS coattails again soon and post some comic book covers. Good stuff.