Friday, February 12, 2010

GC Murphy Building

Little did you know that the American National Standard anticipated the internet 20 years ago and had set out teams of photodocumentarians who scoured the streets of Washington DC to record the fading world of the past for future consumption. Our lead photographer Ed Porter took this shot of the GC Murphy building near 9th and G streets NW Washington DC in 1986. As is typical with this type of photography, the GC Murphy store closed not long after this image was taken.


  1. This was a tough building to shoot. H street was narrow. I took a number of shots of it, but only one or two came out OK. Now i gotta search for them. (the best was in a Super-8 shot, where GC Murphy can be seen in the background while a building is being razed in the fore.)

  2. I think I had a grilled cheese in there after I shot this.