Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deep Archives Project

Above: Kinorama Imaging Department, ca. 1988
(due to lack of finances the FBC Real Estate Division was
never able to purchase this building. However we claim
virtual ownership of this edifice by right of having
photographed it before its destruction)

Dear Patrons,
The Kinorama Imaging Division is pleased to announce the initiation of the Deep Archive Project. Our Aim is to present the fruit of over 25 years imaging documentation by Mr. Ed Porter. Thanks to innovations and structures present in today's internet environment we feel that the time is right to engage in a scanning project to dig deep into the substantial image resources stored in the Kinorama Image Archive.

We face a time and attention challenge to sustain this initiative to its conclusion. However, there is a wealth of unpublished images in the archives that thanks to the capacity of online presentation, we feel that the time is now to bring these images to a greater audience. In the past only a select few of "fine art" images have been offered to the public in gallery of exhibition settings. The forum for presentation of this initiative will be the online photography site on Flickr.

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