Friday, March 13, 2009

"Z" Site

Mr. Porter is getting the hang of this blog thing. He knows his readers crave archival photographs of the budding Wakefield County Punk Rock Art Scene back in the '80's. Here is another gem from deep in the archives of an unidentified location we will call "Z" site. 


  1. this was a high profile site. my parents probably drove by this one all the time. i can't believe they wouldn't suspect that i had something to do with this vandalism. especially with nearly all the paint cans in the basement mysteriously gone!

    you should upload these pics at a larger size so viewers can click on them and see them better.

  2. Dear Mr. Mannix,
    We appreciate your suggestions about increasing file size so that researchers may gain additional detail. Since you seem to have knowledge of this site specific art installation, please inform our readers as to the proper title and year of creation. Of course we here at American National Standard do not want anyone to suffer any consequences with the authorities. This image is here for educational purposes only.