Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Room of the Dead Machine

A major find from our archives! This tiny doorway was located at the bottom level of a downtown Wakefield County office building. This magical place was discovered by Mr. Porter and Mr. Randall while conducting extensive field survey work to scout out locations for experimental performance spaces. The truth is that there were no venues available for our budding performance efforts, so the "Room" served as our rehearsal space and concert hall.It was called the "Room of the Dead Machine" because inside the space was some form of disabled machinery--whose purpose we could not determine. Inside was a dirt floored utility space the size of a large living room. Unfortunately there are no interior shots known to the staff here at ANS, and there is one very crappy recording on audio cassette in existance. This recording is avaiable in digital form, however the technical staff here does not know how to distribute mp3's via the internets yet.


  1. The room, the room, the room of the Dead Machine... ah, it was a sanctuary of utmost freedom. a trespasser's haven of ambience... a true sepulcher of gods...

  2. The past is merely prologue. The Room of the Dead Machine represents the antechamber to our glorious future.