Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Opening Statement

Welcome to the inaugural post to the American National Standard blog. We here at ANS strive to bring you products mined from the collective efforts of our research teams. Please bear with us as we explore new ways to tap our potential and deliver to you our latest creations.

ANS originated in the humble back country of Wakefield Oklahoma in 1979 when our two founders Mr. Clyde Randall and Mr. Ed Porter first met at what would later become known as "A" Site. That locale, centered around a high tension wire pylon at a mid-point between our two studios became the focus for a collective site specific art instalation that would later expand into several locations scattered around the metropolitan area.

Expanding operations into underground parking garages near the Radio and GC Murphy buildings, our founders assembled a team of experimental performance artists who gave limited invitation concerts in such art spaces as: the Room of the Dead Machine, the sub-electric room, Baltimore Air Coil, and other locations. Indirectly associated with underground publications such as Squirm, Fat Bleed Comics, Swollen Family, and New York Skyline; several affiliated efforts began to coalesce in the Wakefield County area.

Now over thirty years later our archivists are busy locating the relevant historical records that document these efforts. It is hoped that in this humble venue the fruit of many laborious researches will be revealed to you--our loyal customers.

Mr. Ed Porter
Senior Assistant Managing Vice Director
KinoRama Division
Department of External Communications
American National Standard
an FBC affiliate

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